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(Package of 12)
Designer tags are made to order. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. Split rings included with tags.

Adopted My Favorite Breed NEW!! Adopted My Favorite Breed $17.76 PK Qty: 
Purebred Princess Purebred Princess $17.76 PK Qty: 
Purebred Prince Purebred Prince $17.76 PK Qty: 
certified lap protector C.L.P. Certified Lap Protector $17.76 PK Qty: 
bad to the bone Bad to the Bone! $17.76 PK Qty: 
best friend Best #1 Friend $17.76 PK Qty: 
cats rule dogs drool Cats Rule Dogs Drool $17.76 PK Qty: 
hotdog Hot Dog $17.76 PK Qty: 
huntin dog Huntin' Dog $17.76 PK Qty: 
hydrant inspector Hydrant Inspector $17.76 PK Qty: 
i love treats I Love Treats $17.76 PK Qty: 
i was rescued I Was Rescued $17.76 PK Qty: 
i'm loved I'm Loved $17.76 PK Qty: 
just adopted Just Adopted $17.76 PK Qty: 
live love bark Live Love Bark $17.76 PK Qty: 
live love purr Live Love Purr $17.76 PK Qty: 
love me! Love Me! $17.76 PK Qty: 
mom's favorite child Mom's Favorite Child $17.76 PK Qty: 
my love belongs to daddy My Love Belongs To Daddy! $17.76 PK Qty: 
princess Princess $17.76 PK Qty: 
pat patrol Rat Patrol $17.76 PK Qty: 
rock star Rock Star $17.76 PK Qty: 
rub my belly Rub My Belly $17.76 PK Qty: 
scratch behind the ears please Scratch Behind The Ears Please! $17.76 PK Qty: 
spaz Spaz! $17.76 PK Qty: 
spoiled Spoiled $17.76 PK Qty: 
squirrel lover Squirrel Lover $17.76 PK Qty: 
stud Stud $17.76 PK Qty: 
the cat did it! The Cat Did It! $17.76 PK Qty: 
the dog did it! The Dog Did It! $17.76 PK Qty: 
tracker Tracker $17.76 PK Qty: 
insert treat here Insert Treat Here.... $17.76 PK Qty: 
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