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(Package of 12)
Designer tags are made to order. Please allow for a 3 week lead time for shipment. Split rings included with tags..

Adopted My Favorite Breed NEW!! Adopted My Favorite Breed $24.96 PK Qty: 
Purebred Princess Purebred Princess $24.96 PK Qty: 
Purebred Prince Purebred Prince $24.96 PK Qty: 
certified lap protector C.L.P. Certified Lap Protector $24.96 PK Qty: 
bad to the bone Bad to the Bone! $24.96 PK Qty: 
best friend Best #1 Friend $24.96 PK Qty: 
cats rule dogs drool Cats Rule Dogs Drool $24.96 PK Qty: 
hotdog Hot Dog $24.96 PK Qty: 
huntin dog Huntin' Dog $24.96 PK Qty: 
hydrant inspector Hydrant Inspector $24.96 PK Qty: 
i love treats I Love Treats $24.96 PK Qty: 
i was rescued I Was Rescued $24.96 PK Qty: 
i'm loved I'm Loved $24.96 PK Qty: 
just adopted Just Adopted $24.96 PK Qty: 
live love bark Live Love Bark $24.96 PK Qty: 
live love purr Live Love Purr $24.96 PK Qty: 
love me! Love Me! $24.96 PK Qty: 
mom's favorite child Mom's Favorite Child $24.96 PK Qty: 
my love belongs to daddy My Love Belongs To Daddy! $24.96 PK Qty: 
princess Princess $24.96 PK Qty: 
pat patrol Rat Patrol $24.96 PK Qty: 
rock star Rock Star $24.96 PK Qty: 
rub my belly Rub My Belly $24.96 PK Qty: 
scratch behind the ears please Scratch Behind The Ears Please! $24.96 PK Qty: 
spaz Spaz! $24.96 PK Qty: 
spoiled Spoiled $24.96 PK Qty: 
squirrel lover Squirrel Lover $24.96 PK Qty: 
stud Stud $24.96 PK Qty: 
the cat did it! The Cat Did It! $24.96 PK Qty: 
the dog did it! The Dog Did It! $24.96 PK Qty: 
tracker Tracker $24.96 PK Qty: 
insert treat here Insert Treat Here.... $24.96 PK Qty: 
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