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iMARC Engraving Systems is a division of Western Engravers Supply, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Western Engravers Supply was formed in 1981, initially distributing engraving supplies as well as offering engraving services. In 1982, the company's direction changed from selling supplies and engraving services to manufacturing computerized engraving equipment. By 1983, the company was producing engraving tables for leading companies in the signage, trophy, award, and identification industries. The engraving services portion of the business was sold in 1984.

In the late 1990s, it became apparent that certain niche markets had a need for a more cost-sensitive, less complex computerized engraver than those being offered through the Vision line. The iMARC Pet Tag Engraver, targeted to pet shops, vet clinics, and equestrian retailers, was developed with this need in mind. In September of 2002, the first iMARC Pet Tag Engraver came off the production line.

Today, Western Engravers Supply continues operation under the Vision and iMARC brand names. The company sells internationally, and has distributors around the world. Thousands of iMARC machines are currently in use in the marketplace. The latest model of the iMARC Pet Tag Engraver, unveiled in late 2010, offers faster engraving speeds, a full color LED display, and the ability to use multiple fonts and type sizes on the same tag.


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